Osteopathic Master Class (Online): Part 1




TI369 and its professional colleagues established an Osteopathic and Manual Therapy Support Program and developed a series of educational resources for various “affiliated and recognition training programs” so as to successfully meet the requirement for a Manual Osteopathic Practitioner and Manual Therapy Learning Environment. They developed the PMPC™ masters classes, a series of short introductory videos and seminars on core concepts covering the major OMT and Manual Therapy modalities that are identified by the NARDMO (est. 2015-2022) and WHO Benchmarks. We are pleased to have contributions from various disciplines internationally: MD, DO (Euro), DO, RMT, DC, ND and various other fields including Health and Wellness Coaches and Kinesiologists.

The following topics are covered Online:
1. Philosophy of Professional Manual Practitioner Certification Series and Osteopathic Care
2. History of the Osteopathic Profession
3. The Five Osteopathic Models
4. The PMPC Osteopathic Structural Exam
5. OMM Technique Spotlight: Lymphatic Treatment Method
6. OMM Technique Spotlight: Balanced Ligamentous Tension / Ligamentous Articular Strain
7. OMM Technique Spotlight: Counterstrain
8. OMM Technique Spotlight: Facilitated Positional Release
9. OMM Technique Spotlight: Soft Tissue Method & Myofascial Release
10. OMM Technique Spotlight: Low Velocity-High Amplitude
11. OMM Technique Spotlight: Visceral Manipulation
12. OMM Technique Spotlight: Osteopathic Cranical Manipulative Health
13. OMM Technique Spotlight: Muscle Energy


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