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Peter Turner

Peter Turner

Peter Turner Ph.D., DOMP, DCMOEB, (European Osteopathy), Sports Therapist


 Currently, Peter runs specific professional development courses in manual therapy. Peter is the Director of Turner Inc, a company that provides innovative solutions and education to improve the quality of life of its clients specializes in Allied and Complementary Health Project Design and Implementation. With a background in fitness and exercise science, Peter consults for companies designing Injury Prevention Programs, on/off-site Massage Therapy training programs and Complete Fitness & Wellness Programs. As a previous competitive amateur athlete, Peter excels at designing fitness programs for general fitness and sport-specific conditioning for all ages.

Peter has taught Health based Sciences since 2003 at the College Level.

For over 18 years, Pete has been active in the treatment of Muscular & Chronic Soft Tissue Pain in private practice and consistently demonstrate the importance that prescribed regular exercise has on the prevention of muscular pain and dysfunction. Peter has worked with many clinics  focusing on their practice development, including as a Founder of Imagine Health Centers & CBDO/Director of Allied & Corporate Health, the development and implementation of a 4 significant project bringing together traditional and allied health services under the same roof, to provide a full assessment and treatment plan for patients based on the 5 models of health.

Provided Air Canada Carrier with Fitness & Massage Therapy services for over 17 different clinical locations coast to coast, involving over 35 different clinicians for Air Canada in 2001-2003 and was an integral  part of the development and execution of The Health and Wellness Project Green putting psychologists and therapist teams together for the massive merger of Air Canada and Canadian Airlines.

His consulting services have been provided to Actors to Athletes, Creative Door Canada, Air Canada, Canadian Airlines, Alberta Carpet Cleaner, Dow Chemical, and Caravan Theatre Actors.

Memberships, Committees, and Patents


DCOEMB – 2014 to Present

NARDMO – 2015 to Present Board of Directors

NHPC – 2010 to Present

IOA – 2014 to Present

ARMTS – 1997 To association dissolution

STFA – 1995 to 1995

AFLCA – 1995 to 1995

BCOAMP – April 2018 to Present – Board of Directors.


Re-Arm Arm Roller

(#Canadian U.S provisional patent ReArm Arm Roller, Sold)

August 2016

The device was created for RSI injuries and sold 2 years ago.

Consulting Projects & Contracts

Turner Institute and Turner Inc / Ti-369 Community and Corporate Partnerships  Programs – Engaging, Educating and Empowering Health and Wellness Programs -providing communities in need.

Belfor Canada – Onsite Injury Prevention Program

Creative Door Canada – Onsite Injury Prevention Program/ Clinical Massage  Program

Air Canada – Onsite Injury Prevention Program/ Massage Therapy Clinics

Canadian Airlines- North America’s First Airline Passenger Massage Program

Alberta Carpet Cleaner – Onsite Injury Prevention Program

Dow Chemical – Onsite Injury  Clinical Massage Project

Canadian Airlines – Empress Lounge Massage  Therapy YVR YYZ

Air Canada -Onsite Massage /Injury Prevention   (bases, cargo, call centers, and airports) YVR, YYZ, YUL, YYC, YEG.

Experience Training Health & Wellness Consultants since 2003 – Therapist and Fitness Consultant to athletes, actors, amateurs and pro athletes, corporations and employees.



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