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Peter Turner is frequently invited to act as an external examiner and reviewer for various associations and organizations for undergraduate and graduate and professional development workshops massage therapy and manual therapy courses.

He has experience in the design, development and critical review and approval process manual osteopathy and manual therapy and lifestyle and wellness course curricula. In addition, he has developed international manual therapy curriculum for massage therapy and manual therapy programs.

Peter Turner PhD regularly holds graduate and professional development workshops for health professionals and the general public alike, all lectures include the 5 structure-function relationships and Osteopathic and Professional Manual Practitioner Philosophy. Workshops are offered in Canada and Abroad, as well as, Inter-provincially a well as to various Provincial and National Associations.

His main areas of teaching are:

Shoulder and rotator -cuff trauma and repetitive strain injuries of the forearm, elbow and wrist.

Clinical management of back pain and sciatica and various “nagging lower body pain”. Special emphasis is given those troubling leg and ankle issues

Clinical reasoning and decision making. Peter specializes in Health Coaching and overall wellness programming and success strategies for greater success in today’s challenging world.

Clinical application of the Biopsychosocial, Bioenergetic, Musculoskeletal, Fluid Respiratory Relationship Models to various populations such as athletes, employees and senior populations.

Evidence based practice in osteopathy and the TOMP and the “3 E’s of Client Success, The Five Stage Model to Perfect Client Practice, and the Practice of Chronic Pain Management and effective programming.

Research methods, including qualitative research and grounded chunking learning and theory method.

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Peter Turner

Peter Turner

DO ( Euro) European Osteopathy

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Mešanović Edin

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Mansoura University, Egypt

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Walaa Mostafa

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