PMPC™ Osteopathic Master Class – The Principle of Palpatory Assessment and Mobilization Technique

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TI369 and its professional colleagues  established an Osteopathic and Manual Therapy  Support Program and   developed a series of educational resources for various ” affiliated and  recognition  training programs” so as to successfully meet the requirement for a Manual Osteopathic Practitioner  and Manual Therapy Learning Environment. They developed the PMPC™ masters classes, a series of short introductory videos and seminars on core concepts covering the major OMT and Manual Therapy modalities that are identified by the NARDMO ( est. 2015-2024) and WHO Benchmarks .We are pleased to have contributions from various disciplines internationally: MD , DO( Euro), DO , RMT, DC , ND and various other fields including Health and Wellness Coaches and Kinesiologists.

The following topics are covered in this series:

  • “Philosophy of Professional Manual Practitioner Certification Series and Osteopathic Care ,”
  • “History of the Osteopathic Profession,”
  • “The Five Osteopathic Models,”
  • “The PMPC Osteopathic Structural Exam,”
  • “OMM Technique Spotlight: Lymphatic Treatment Method,”
  • “OMM Technique Spotlight: Balanced Ligamentous Tension / Ligamentous Articular Strain,”
  • “OMM Technique Spotlight: Counterstrain,”
  • “OMM Technique Spotlight: Facilitated Positional Release,”
  • “OMM Technique Spotlight: Soft Tissue Method & Myofascial Release,”
  • “OMM Technique Spotlight: Low Velocity-High Amplitude,”
  • “OMM Technique Spotlight: Visceral Manipulation,”
  • “OMM Technique Spotlight: Osteopathic Cranical Manipulative Health ,”
  • “OMM Technique Spotlight: Muscle Energy,”