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This Clinic offers accessible and affordable healthcare for all.

Our subsidized fees mean you can see a manual therapist/manual osteopath for between $84-$42 per visit a session sessions are typically 45 minutes or less with some patients receiving treatment free of charge. Book an appointment in Alberta or BC by calling 1 604 230 6641 or email

Peter Turner, Ph.D. Calgary Appointment Schedule:

For the individual clinic, times see Our TI-369 ™ Community Partnership Project Clinics Schedule here.

“Peter is extremely knowledgeable. He treated all 3 of my issues in one visit. Usually, therapists only focus on one at a time. I am very excited to start treatment with him. I am hopeful that he will be able to finally help me heal my injuries”

”I am amazed at the progress we made with just one session. I feel so much better today”

~ Rhonda, AB, Jan 2018

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Become a Manual Osteopath with professional upgrade training, PMPC™, professional training with TI369™ and Turner Osteopathy.

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Call: 6042306641

Community partners
Our Community Partnership scheme offers discounted rates on clinic appointments to members of partner organizations, groups, and businesses

Very professional, always listen to what I have to say and treat accordingly. This is a service I couldn’t live without.

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If you’re experiencing back pain, sciatica or another musculoskeletal problem or have been failed by ‘quick fix’ treatments and promises, we can provide effective evidence-based treatment and advice.

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