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Based on the principle of open and free or subsidized complimentary care Our Community Partnership and Teaching Clinic delivers a significant number of appointments each year.

We run a range of clinics, from our general and associates clinics, which are open to the general public and a wide variety of conditions and complaints, to specialist clinics specifically for expectant mothers, children or patients with sports injuries.

We also deliver a number of award-winning clinics within the community, providing disadvantaged and hard-to-reach groups with access to DOMP (manual osteopathic / manual therapy care). Much of our care for vulnerable and disadvantaged groups are delivered free of charge.

Appointments at our General Community Clinic are delivered by fully-qualified DOMPs who are registered with the ”Recognized Manual Therapy /Osteopathic Association“, and are open to all clients and patients.

Because you will be seen by fully qualified and registered DOMPs (manual therapists), our appointment fees are higher than for our other clinics, and concessionary and community partner fees are not available.

Appointments are also shorter as required. Initial consultations last approximately 60-75 minutes including a full case history and follow-up fitness and remedial programming, Subsequent appointments can last up to 40-60 minutes. If Sub -Subsequent visit is required the appointment may take up to 20 minutes.

British Columbia Summer 2021 Schedule

These sessions may not be available during times of COVID -19

Initial Assessment and Programming: and Extended Visit $126.00
Subsequent Visit fee: $84.00 up to 40 minutes
Sub -Subsequent or: $42.00 up to 20 minutes
Seniors Rates Available on these days (67 or older)

Appointment Fee Subsidized and Reduced Rates by appointment only.
NSHC/ North Shuswap Health Centre (GCC) General Clinic Dates: (Not Available Currently)
NSHC Phone: 250-955-0660
TI 369 Contact Ph: 604-230-6641 or EM:

“Thank you for my (Manual Osteopathy) Treatment Peter. I have not felt so good waking up after a treatment, I was delighted! I can see that I will be able to “do” things this summer season!”

~ Laura, B.C.
May 2018

Our clinic at the specialist community clinic offering free osteopathic care to homeless people.

The clinic has been running since 2018, and aims to help address some of the physical, psychological and social impacts of erratic and rough sleeping on patients.

Free of Charge at the Clinic or at locations TBA, Depending on the region
(please call or email and ask for clinical times in your region).

Vancouver Island Region EM: (Dates TBA)
Alberta and Rural Districts EM: ( Dates TBA)
Interior British Columbia and Rural Areas EM: (Dates TBA)

Due to COVID-19, these clinics may not be available.

We pride ourselves on providing engaging, educational, and empowering help for our most prized social group… senior citizens.

Our Clinics provide care for older people within the community.
These specialist clinics offer dedicated care for older clients and patients within the Vancouver Island and North/South Okanagan ( BC) and Calgary and Edmonton ( AB ) communities, working to relieve symptoms of a wide range of musculoskeletal conditions associated with the ageing process, including wear and tear, rheumatic pains and osteoarthritis. Appointments are also shorter as required and initial consultations last up to 40 minutes including a case history and follow-up fitness and remedial programming provided online Standard appointments last approximately 20 minutes.

Standard visit fee: 42.00-84.00- (approximately 20-40 minutes) when available.

*Appointment Fees are Subsidized and Reduced Rates may be applied, as we have resources that allow appointment only please contact the clinic in your area.

Due to COVID-19, these clinics may not be available.


Phone: 604-230-6641.

A special six-week course of treatment for clients and patients experiencing persistent pain.

Osteo-Pain Profiling is a service and information project that integrates Manual Therapy, mental and coaching-based approaches to health and wellness into a series of six individual sessions for patients with persistent pain.

The Osteo-Profiling Pain (O-PP) course is open to anyone with chronic musculoskeletal pain who is suitable for Manual Treatments, or who have musculoskeletal conditions that are alleviated but not completely resolved by manual therapy alone. The aim is to help patients find routes to living more active and fulfilling lives, by participating in various exercises to enhance their own health and well-being, and to guide ‘hands-on’ treatment. Participants are asked to practice mind-body exercises at home during the course, to develop their skills and resilience, and to engage in activities which link to their personal goals, to help them create a more meaningful life, despite ongoing pain.


These sessions are/were available via Tele-Fit during times of COVID-19

*We welcome additional qualified practitioners in Manual Therapy fields to collaborate and participate. Please email the appropriate “regional email”.


Cost per session is the concessionary fee of $42.50, or $200.00 for all six sessions if paid in advance.

Patients who wish to take part in (O-PP) need to apply via an email request.

Request an Application/Registration Form EM:


Extra Information
Appointment times at Clinics or locations are TBA and are dependent on the region (please call or email and ask for clinical times in your region).

Vancouver Island Region EM:
Alberta and Rural Districts EM:
Interior British Columbia and Rural Areas EM:

Our Expectant Mothers Clinic prenatal and postnatal care for pregnant women.

Manual Techniques may be able to help with a variety of problems experienced during pregnancy, including aches and pains as a result of changes to posture and weight, and pre-existing issues. Postnatal appointments can help patients return to normal function after the birth, and babies can also be given a check-up at this time. Treatment is safe for the patient and baby. The Expectant Mothers Clinic runs on Mondays at the Clinic or at all Alberta and British Columbia locations.

Depending on the region (please call or email and ask for clinical times in your region).


*We welcome additional fully qualified health practitioners in the complementary and holistic healing fields to participate in this TI369 Project. Please email the appropriate regional email.


Vancouver Island Region EM: (Dates TBA)
Alberta and Rural Districts EM: (Dates TBA)
Interior British Columbia and Rural Areas EM: (Dates TBA)


Extra information for Appointment Times and places, please refer to the monthly calendar for clinics and services.

Our Sports Clinics are both “Virtual and Clinical” and are dedicated to the treatment of sports and fitness-related injuries.

It is used by a wide variety of patients, from professional athletes, committed amateurs and gym, fitness and keep-fit enthusiasts, to dancers, actors and other professional performers.

Manual Osteopathy and Professional Manual Health Practitioners may be able to help with alleviating immediate symptoms of an injury, aiding recovery, improving overall performance and supporting long-term training goals.

Manual Therapists look at the relationship between muscle, limb and spine function, the potential underlying cause of symptoms and lifestyle. By appreciating how these factors may interact they can make adjustments and recommendations to help prevent injury and help patients achieve goals safely.

The Sports Clinic has provided Manual Therapist /DOMP to support participants in major diverse sporting events.


Due to COVID-19, these clinics may not be available.

The Sports Clinic operates only on Scheduled Saturday Mornings at the Clinic.

Standard appointment fee: 84.00
Subsequent fee: 22.00
Community Partner fee: 45.00

Vancouver Island Region EM:
Vancuver , Richmond ad Surrey Region EM:
Alberta and Rural Districts EM :
Interior British Columbia and Rural Areas EM: or call 6042306641


Additional information at the Clinic or at locations /Regions TBA
(please call or email and ask for clinical times in your region) .

Appointment times
Appointment fee: 22-84.00

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If you’re experiencing back pain, sciatica or another musculoskeletal problem or have been failed by ‘quick fix’ treatments and promises, we can provide effective evidence-based treatment and advice.

PH: 6042306641 or Email: